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Integration By Parts

Suppose we have two functions multiplied by each other
and differentiate according to the product rule:
then by integrating both sides between the limits a and b
and rearranging gives
or as the formula is better known
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Tricks: If one of the functions is a polynomial (say nth order) and the other is integrable n times, then you can use the fast and easy Tabular Method:

Tabular Method
Suppose and . Then if we set up a table, differentiating f(x) as many times as it takes to get to zero and integrating g(x) as many times, we get
+ (a)
- (b)
+ (c)
- notice how we alternate the signs in the “I” column. Then, multiplying rows with like letters (which you can skip on your own paper to help make this clearer - draw arrows instead from (a) to (a), etc.) gives the following directly as the anti-derivative:
This method is much faster than the f-g method or the older u-v, especially for iterated (more than once) integrals by parts (Thanks to Dr. William T. Guy, UT Austin).
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There is a way to extend the tabular method to handle arbitrarily large integrals by parts - you just include the integral of the product of the functions in the last row and pop in an extra sign (whatever is next in the alternating series), so that

The trick is to know when to stop for the integral you are trying to do. Try it for a few simple functions, you'll see!

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The u - v Method:

This is the old standby
which is identical to the canonical method if you set
Many find this a lot easier to remember!
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Examples || 1 || 2 || 3 ||

Example 1

So according to the table,
With the u - v method,

Example 2


So according to the table,


Example 3

This one is a bit more fun… from the table we have
The last integral on the right yields to the substitution
and , viz.
which makes the final integral

So this method can be used for even very nasty integrals!

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Exercises || 1 || 2 || 3 ||
These are really proofs since I give you the answers.

Use the above methods to show




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